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"..... Hold me.."
" I can't aye."

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Daxter: You mean…we have to fight against actual people? With actual weapons? Who actually wanna hurt us?

Jak: Fine. Bring ‘em on.

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Vhat a charming smile.

*sees the tag*

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formerlyblitzman Asked: Too bad you're working for the wrong man. You'd make an excellent addition to my little group. -Mizo

"You’re little group?" Sig raised his good eyebrow at the statement, "well, now a days any work is good work for me cherry. Since Krew has kinda’ well, made his way into hiding it seems I’m a free man now.. If ya’ get my drift." Though deep down inside, he knew krew would come back.. he always did.

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69 Errand Boys. (“Followers”)


Lips curling into a somewhat large, drooling smile, the overweight walrus shot his beady eyes across the room and to the group of various people simply lurking about in his presence. But where among this crowd had been Sig? Oh Sig. It had been a while since the two shared one another’s company and because of that Krew found himself in a rut- how was he to go about his life as if the whole love affair hadn’t happened? That was hardly Sig at all, to go run off and leave Krew to his lonesome, not to mention hefty self. Thinking they had gotten through all that drama, he had taken it upon himself to hire but a few more ‘errand boys’- or men, Krew didn’t like them scrawny; completely defenseless. But Sig on the other hand had been completely perfect for such a role, pleasing him in ways no other could—

”  Oh Sig- Sig— Sig…”

The sound of the large man’s voice echoed through Sig’s ears and he found himself shifting uncomfortably from a shiver that ran down his spine. Oh no. It seemed no matter how far Sig ran, he could never outrun him. Krew. Funny, seeing as how he had no.. real legs. It was too late though, and just when he thought it was safe to roam Haven city again, stop into the old Hip Hog again he was wrong. Reasons why he kept to the wastes at all costs, to avoid that feeling of the whale always breathing down his neck over everything. He was a single man, he didn’t need this guy to help support him. 

He needed to leave, and quick before the man tied him to a table and never let him leave, tired of chasing around metal heads for— tons of fun who floated about. Sig’s lips formed a tight line at the thought, but chose not to speak. What could he even say to him anymore? How did he feel about him? His feelings anymore were nothing but confusion and pain, all the bruises from the past when he wouldn’t do his job right. The thought made Sig’s stomach churn with uncertainty, whatever his plans were, he wasn’t about to fall for it again. Turning around to face the man, well, having to look up at him. Sig took in a deep breath before he got too close and raised his good brow, “Can I help ya’ with somethin’ cherry?”

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